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Features & Benefits for Dancers

Dancers Electronic e-Portfolio Management

At any time you can upload, edit and view:

- up to 10 pictures
- Your talent skills
- Audio Clip
- Video Clip
- CV/Resume
- Comprehensive statistics
- Your experience and qualifications
- Forward, Print, Download

Talent Management provides online tools to set up and update your e-Portfolio quickly and easily. Based on this information, talent are selected to appear on the catwalk, screen, film set, stage at the gig, to host the show... to be the star.

Being seen on Talent Management with your e-Portfolio means you will be available to hirers and managers across the Globe. Let them see you - today!

Email alerts

Talent Management will automatically tell you by email every time your e-Portfolio has been looked at by a Hirer. No more wondering what’s going on - now you are the first to hear!

Performance bar charts

Log-in anytime to see easy to read, colour graphics displaying the number of times you have:

- been included in talent searches

- had your e-Portfolio viewed

- been requested for a booking

- made final selection

- been rejected for a booking

This is a highly effective, online visual display - a real hands-on approach to success!

Industry news, tips & events

Online daily news and industry updates, castings and newsflashes. Where the action is, what the castings are for, who is looking, who is making the bookings.

With your personal online diary you can keep a log of your career, castings, bookings, parties and events. Look forward and back at the highlights.

Your privacy

Not just anyone can look at talent on the site. Hiring companies and all others MUST register & be approved by Talent Management before using the system