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Dancers FAQs & Dancing Tips

Welcome to the area of the website which answers many of the common questions from dancers. If you have any questions not answered on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is

  • is the day to day working platform and online administrative centre for talent resource exclusively for the use of Talent Management Agents.
  • has been designed and constructed using the expertise of web designers around the world and leading contributors from the fashion, film, photographic, entertainment, music and talent management industries. is therefore specifically for the benefit of talent and hirers.
  • offers talent an entirely new range of features and benefits that no other agency makes available.
  • is sometimes referred to by the registered trade mark 'The World Stage'® as it describes being able to put forward a much wider range of talent to a global audience.
  • is hosted, supported and maintained by administration teams based in the US and UK. These are real people who can be called up and contacted for advice - is not some ghostly web site anomalously floating in cyber space.
  • is the most sophisticated online management solution with more than 700 pages and 100,000 lines of coding, it took 3 years in the making and continues to be upgraded and improved daily.
  • was born from long term business experience researching the shortfalls in the way agents traditionally represented talent and attempted to meet hirers requirements.
What benefits will provide for me? has been created to offer talent like you lots of new important benefits to further your career and promote your talent. Compare the list below to the service available from other agents outside the TMA network, unable to use and see the advantages available to you:


  • Your pictures and details will be available to every hirer searching for talent who is registered with Talent Management. You will automatically appear on searches worldwide, daily - even while you sleep!
  • View industry news and views, regularly updated for your information - who is shooting what and where, gigs, shows, events and a selection of the many opportunities.
  • Personal displays indicating with easy to read coloured bar charts and graphs showing the day(s), date(s) and time(s) when your portfolio has been considered.
  • A fully comprehensive e-Portfolio profile enabling you to present an professional detailed description of yourself, enhancing your chances of selection - amateur - new face - professional - there are big opportunities to say what you are all about. Including audio and video clip options.
  • Talent Management is part of the first network of licensed agencies working together - specifically to promote talent like you. This means that compared to being registered with an ordinary talent agency local to you - you are instead now featuring in a central Talent Management database accessed by an ever growing number of Talent Management agents who will consider you for bookings in their area.
  • Talent Management agents work together for the benefit of talent and hirers and is the online administrative centre and talent registration source.
  • Talent Management brings a new enthusiasm and energy to their businesses and the imitative of working as a network with independent and collective ideals, is the most exciting development in the history of Talent Management.
Do I need experience?

  • Everybody has to start at the same place with no experience!. From there it is a progression whereby experience comes from a combination of enthusiasm, effort and active promotion. The more of these that are bought together around your talent - the more bookings and experience will follow.
  • It is important to remember that your ‘look’ and 'skill' count more than your experience! If you have a marketable talent or look you could be hired even without experience. If the client thinks you are right for the booking, there is every chance you are. The client will include the issue of experience in their search - if you have come up - then go ahead and show them what you can do!
  • Your e-Portfolio will invite you to describe your skill level - so neither you nor the hirer are surprised.
  • Finally, remember two things; talent overshadows experience and experience is no substitute for talent!
  • If you are able to quote experience in performing your talent - then blow your trumpet and say so!
I've been rejected by an agency before, what should I do?

  • The entertainment industry is extremely competitive so if one agency says “no” don't be discouraged: it could be that another agency will select you - it may just be a matter of persistence
  • Rejection by an agency doesn't mean you're not marketable or don't have talent - hirers are always on the look out for new faces and talented people.
  • It may be, previous disappointments were because the agency specialized or had different requirements than your skills Or, like so many agencies, they may have difficulty in promoting the talent they already have.
  • So far as Talent Management is concerned, we welcome new faces as all Talent Management agents are working to promote all the talent, so unlike a conventional agency - when you're signed by a Talent Management agent - you have the whole network promoting you nationwide and soon, that effort will be international.
  • If at first you don't succeed, try and try yet again.......!